Why Black Is Awesome

I know everyone loves up on black clothing because it makes you appear slimmer, but you know what I also love about the color? 

You can spill just about anything on black clothes and the stain probably won't show up later. I don't know how it happens, but I manage to spill something on myself when I'm eating at least half the time I'm eating. I got some ketchup (if you aren't a fan of ketchup, I'm not a fan of you) on this dress before taking the pictures, but now it'll be hidden forever. Or until I wash it.. which pretty much means forever because let's face it, doing laundry sucks. Apparently me and seven year old kids have lots in common, like how we react to being asked if we want to go out for ice cream:

Ok maybe it was gelato, but same difference. Point of story: my closet needs more black. 
 Dress, Belt, and Earrings: all H&M!

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