Midweek Musings

Some random thoughts and tidbits to help you get through hump day..

For you Gap lovers, they're having their Gap Friends Event right now, use the code PRESALE to get 30% off your purchase.

Do anyone else's nails look like this after painting or do I just have the coordination of a 6 year old? 
Jennifer Lawrence apparently eats like a caveman.. this makes me love her that much more.

Is this bobby pin chevron look cool or is it just silly? Can't decide..

It's The Holiday Season.. Kinda?

A few days ago Starbucks started using their red holiday cups, which to me, means it's cool to start bumping the holiday music now. So don't mind me if my 'N Sync Christmas album is now in full rotation! I'd love to be able to drink my hot beverages and crank up my lame super cool Christmas music while I get cozy in my layers of clothing and bundles of scarves, but it's hot. So imagine the below outfit with a beanie and boots on??

Please note my awkward turtle pose. You like? I'm sure you do. 
Shirt: Vintage (from my Grandma), Shorts: Gap, Necklace: Forever 21, Bracelet: BaubleBar, Flats: Chinese Laundry

Stripes + Peplum

Like many, I am a sucker for stripes. Thin, thick, vertical- any way, I love them. So, obviously, when I saw this shirt had stripes and a peplum hem, I knew it had to be mine. Nothing like throwing on a peplum top and a pencil skirt to make you feel like a lady. 

 Top: Nordstrom (BP), Skirt: H&M, Watch: Skagen (via Ebay)

Look at that Rack!

I mean the Nordstrom Rack, ya nasties. I braved the crowds last Thursday morning, and waited two hours to try and get my chance at all the merchandise before everyone else. I was probably the 100th person in line, so props to all those that showed up when it was still dark out. There was a dj, snacks and coffee to keep everyone in line excited, which was totally appreciated. 
And I know I probably shouldn't be putting this chick on blast, but I also caught a girl who was getting her yoga on while in line.

Yes, I felt kinda creepy taking the picture.. but I just had to show you guys! Anyway, when the doors opened, I made a beeline towards the shoes and after some quick hunting, I came out with these beauties:
 Boots: Corso Como, Mary Janes and Sandals: Franco Sarto

I can't even begin to imagine wearing boots in this sweltering heat San Diego has been having, but with that said, fall cannot come fast enough. The boots are just awesome.. they're freakin' quilted! I also snagged one of these freebie totes as being one of the first 1000 shoppers:

What can I say, I love my free stuff. I should probably take a serious shopping hiatus for awhile, but I know it won't be too long before I make another visit to the Rack. Has anybody else made it out to the Carmel Mountain location, and if so, does you think it measure up to the other locations in SD?


I'm taking hints from See Jane and trying to decide what Zara tweed jacket to purchase. The prices are completely reasonable and I want to get one of these guys before they're gone. Can ya help a girl out and tell me which one you like best? 

This option is simple and will pretty much go with everything, but I've already got numerous black and white jackets.

Number two may not be quite as versatile, but having a colorful outerwear could be fun!

Now this jacket has a bit of both worlds; with mostly neutral colors with some pink thrown in and though you might not be able to tell from the pictures, the pockets are lined with little silver sequins.

I'm at a loss.. which one should I get? Maybe I'll just have to go in for two if I can't end up deciding..

Why Black Is Awesome

I know everyone loves up on black clothing because it makes you appear slimmer, but you know what I also love about the color? 

You can spill just about anything on black clothes and the stain probably won't show up later. I don't know how it happens, but I manage to spill something on myself when I'm eating at least half the time I'm eating. I got some ketchup (if you aren't a fan of ketchup, I'm not a fan of you) on this dress before taking the pictures, but now it'll be hidden forever. Or until I wash it.. which pretty much means forever because let's face it, doing laundry sucks. Apparently me and seven year old kids have lots in common, like how we react to being asked if we want to go out for ice cream:

Ok maybe it was gelato, but same difference. Point of story: my closet needs more black. 
 Dress, Belt, and Earrings: all H&M!