Does This Match?

When I came to work wearing this outfit, I got many a stare. Apparently, it's not a widely accepted notion that stripes are in fact a neutral. Oh well. Look at how amazing Blair looks. Granted, she can make a paper sack look great, but that's besides the point.

Shirt and Necklace: Forever 21, Skirt: Target, Rings: Erica Anenberg via Hautelook, Sunglasses: Electric, Wedges: Nordstrom  

Is this a look that you'd consider wearing? Or have I just been fooled by the fashion industry at large? Oh, and if anyone wants to know, that nail polish is Zoya. That stuff applies awesomely, I might even like it as much as I like Essie.

*This outfit was worn over a month ago, before the San Diego sun decided it wanted to melt its' residents with its' love you the rest of the year but curse you in late summer months heat.*

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  1. This totally matches! Those stares were probably because you were rocking your look!

Holly Foxen Wells