I love jewelry, but obviously I can't afford all the crazy expensive stuff. With that said, I also don't necessarily enjoy buying a lot of the jewelry from places like Forever 21 because if I wear it over and over and over again, the stuff starts to just smell. You know what I'm talkin' about. When that favorite necklace of yours starts to funk like old pennies? Yes, it's time for an upgrade. 

So when I found out about BaubleBar last year, I got excited. They're a great company based in New York and this stuff, while a bit more expensive than Forever, is right on trend and and holds up to multiple wears. Totally worth the investment. 

I know not everyone wants to shell out for $42 for an blingy rose gold necklace, but every Friday morning, they offer one item for the sweet price of $10 called the Buried Bauble. That's where most of my BaubleBar purchases come from and they're usually great finds.

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