Nice To Meet You..

I may or may not have just spent the last 2.5 hours browsing fashion blogs. Okay so it was more like 3. So I'm throwing my own into the crazy blogosphere. Here's the thing.. having "impromptu" photo shoots are SO awkward. I put impromptu in quotations, because who spontaneously decides while they're driving by a secluded grassy area, 'why yes, this looks like a fantastic opportunity to take a series of pictures of myself'. I've always been a bit camera shy, but this is the kind of stuff I'm more comfortable with:

 In any case, here's two more beauties for your viewing pleasure.

Skirt: Wet Seal via ebay (seriously, I didn't even know that place existed anymore), Top: H&M, Necklaces: BaubleBar and gift from my amazing grandmother

When the maxi look was getting popular a few years ago, I figured it'd make my stubby legs look even shorter, but then I made the important realization that it's essentially feels like being naked from the waist down, and who doesn't like to sit like a man sometimes? Now that I'm a bit wiser, I'm hoping the maxi trend sticks around forever.


  1. Hello Vicky!

    Love your new little blog. If only I were fashionable too hahah! I also peeked at your foodie blog which is awesome but sparse (oh well). Keep writing in both!

    1. Hi Lynn, thank you for the positive feedback, I really appreciate it!!